Breeding Strategies

I get a lot of questions about what kind of breeds we have at Prier Farms. Since the farm has been in our family since the late 1800's a lot has changed over the years. The simplest answer is that we not have cross-bred cattle. That wasn't always the case and it has taken my dad many years perfecting his breeding strategy.

When he bought his grandmother's place in 1962 it was then a dairy farm. He expanded the farm to beef and began to run registered Hereford. In the mid 1970's he switched to Limousin and he started to cross them up with angus and Brown Swiss. The breeding with Brown Swiss brings a good color and good milking ability without any negative effects to the meat quality. The majority of our bulls are Limousin and Angus, but every three years dad brings a Brown Swiss bull and keeps the replacement heifers. Here I have inserted a photo of a Black Angus bull from our farm.

As with everything at Prier Farms, quality is our absolute priority. With dad's breeding strategies that plays out by his emphasis on maintaining good milking ability as a means to maintaining good cows. We know you'll taste the quality and now you know a bit more about how much we think about delivering that quality every step of the way.

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