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Prier Homestead

Our roots run deep in our generational family farm. I love seeing pictures of the original homestead that once stood in what is now our prized 80-acre hayfield. The root cellar and well and our yearly visitors the Easter Lily’s planted by the family are all that remains.
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Our Grass Is Greener

It takes a lot of work to maintain the fields correctly. Yearly cutting back of undergrowth, replanting of natural grasses and fescue, and the prevention of soil erosion. We do all this for our girls because we all know if momma isn't happy, then ain't no one happy!
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Maintaining Standards

Maintaining standards is not only an annual thing around here but a daily goal. Everything we do is to provide a more quality product that benefits not only our customers but the environment as well.
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Meet one of the new young unserviced bulls. Purchasing them this way prevents introducing possible infections into your herd. Beefmasters are known for their smaller heads and the ability to throw smaller calves.
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Burger Bites

One pound 100% grass-fed beef One cup cheese Three slices of bacon 1/4 cup onion Two tbs Aioli Non-stick cooking spray Shot glass Cupcake pan Preheat oven at 400 Spray pan. Chop bacon. Mix ingredients. Use shot glass to make perfect sized burger bite, place into cupcake tray. Add cheese to top. Bake for 15…
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Pasture Rotation

Pasture rotation is at the core of our farm practices and key to providing quality beef. Benefits of pasture rotation; >Reduces soil erosion >limits the compaction of soil >less wasted forage >Allows pasture to regenerate >Promotes healthy soil and pasture >Reduces weed growth >Prevents overgrowth
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Seasonal Feeding

Seasonal feeding and calving season go hand in hand around here. It makes keeping an eye on the girls a little bit easier, since we’re feeding the hay we harvested every two to three days. We all love seeing the little calves running through the fields and momma in the distance keeping a watchful eye.
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If haven’t checked out our Instagram yet, this is absolutely the time of year to do it. It’s calving season here at the farm and you don’t want to miss all the cuteness.
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New Squeeze Chute

We decided it was finally time to upgrade the squeeze chute that was purchased in the mid 1960s and until recently was still in use. Last year we made improvements on the old chute putting in a new floor and side panels even added handles for easy access. Even with all that being said, it…
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