Across the River

My family obviously is most comfortable outdoors. Growing up in Eagle Rock, Missouri sometimes we heard it said that we were considered "the quiet side" of Table Rock Lake. We are also only 11 miles from beautiful Eureka Springs, but I must say that I am pretty partial to the beauty found on our farm. We have been blessed to own this land for many generations and I hope many generations will continue here.

At Prier Farms, our commitment to grass-fed beef is more than a business decision. When I look at this land we own and think of our family as stewards of what we've been given I can't help but think of how the community around us benefits from our farming practices. Did you know that pasture-based farming restores natural ecosystems and wildlife habitats, improves the soil naturally and reduces greenhouse gasses? While we are healthy for our local communities, this is also healthy for our planet.

I do love this farm and I like to think our cows do too. Our beef never leaves the farm. With this kind of view, honestly, why would they?

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