#0389 – What’s in a Number?

americangrassfed-greenWe all know that grass-fed beef is a big deal and continues to trend upwards. What the public doesn't realize is that all things labeled "grass-fed" are not equal! As with all consumer goods, it's buyer beware. Here at Prier Farms we are proud of our USDA 100% Grass-fed Beef Approval. Without it you are most likely not getting anything more than a product that was grass-fed for a mere six to eight months. With this approval and our registered number #0389 you can be assured that we NEVER send our cattle to a feed lot for the last six weeks to gain weight through heavy grain feeding programs. Our cows are always grass-fed and the we have the extensive certification, inspection and label to prove it!

With this commitment we always deliver lean meat with a high percentage of good fats, Omega 3s, and beneficial antioxidant vitamins and minerals. At Prier Farms, we are not only USDA certified, but American Grassfed Association certified also. It is a more expensive operation, but the quality is evident with every bite, so we love our little number and think you will come to love it too!

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