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Our Grass Is Greener

It takes a lot of work to maintain the fields correctly. Yearly cutting back of undergrowth, replanting of natural grasses and fescue, and the prevention of soil erosion. We do all this for our girls because we all know if momma isn't happy, then ain't no one happy!
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Crossing the river

Crossing the river has always come with it's own issues, getting stuck or in one case having your four-wheeler swept down river. In my dreams we have this amazing bridge that we simply drive across. Since I have yet to win the lottery we decided to pour a landing pad of sorts. Crossing the river…
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Clover and Pasture Grasses

Well, it's that time again to replant some of the fields with clover and pasture grasses. We are blessed to have some of the cleanest, freshest waters flowing through our farm, but with that comes annual flooding and the washing away of top soil over time. We do our best to maintain the best environment…
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Ride Along

Max, never misses an opportunity to go for a ride. Anytime, anyone walks near the truck he jumps on the flatbed in hopes of a ride. He's been a wonderful addition to the family...I mean farm. :))
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Ole Girl

It was time for some self improvements on the ole girl :) No counting all the cattle she has worked over the years, this piece of equipment was purchased in the early 60s. Time for a new floor, we even went as far to add these nifty handlebars for easy access. I do believe she…
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Girl Bye

Today, is a sad day for us at Prier Farms, we are saying goodbye to the ole girl. We have had this tractor since the mid 80s, and she has been a work horse to say the least.
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Farm Art

Welding has been part of my life, I welded for the government and even worked on the nuclear plant in Springfield, MO. I love welding and use it on a weekly if not daily basis on the farm. We repair and even make our own implements and on the farm and welding is a big…
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Annual Farm Show

Wow!! Can we have one of everything that Case makes? Please and thank you. We had such a great time walking around the Farm Show and talking to the great folks of the Four States.
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The finished product, after a low and slow cook all day in the oven. The brisket was so tender it fell apart as I removed it from the cooking tray. Absolute perfection!!!IMG_20160616_173351

Now On Instagram

You can now follow us on Instagram to see what's happening on the farm. This summer is going to be another great season on the farm and we can't wait to share all our fun with everyone. Type in prierfarms and let the fun begin