New Life

377This is a very busy time of year for everyone with all the holiday parties and dinners and on the farm it's a different kind of busy. Soon we will be welcoming new babies, which is my favorite time of year, even with the stress of winter. Everyone loves to see the new born calves running and jumping through the fields.

A River Runs Through It.

288The water that runs through our property and feeds our natural springs and ponds is from Roaring River. Which happens to be the coldest water year round. It could be 102 degrees in the middle of August and the waters can still take your breath away. Caring for this farm is more then just tending to the fields and livestock it goes deeper than that. One has to look at what we are using on our fields and livestock to ensure we are protecting our water supply for future generations. I have always felt that we as caretakers are the best to ensure environmental practices and safe guards that benefit the environment as well as the farm.

A look back in time.

339338These rock fences may just look like a pile of rocks and stones to some but for me it's a reminder of my families past. These rock fences date back to the late 1800's, and most likely were built by my great grandfather or his father in-law whom the property was purchased from in the late 1800's. Being the fourth generation on this family farm is a great honor. When I complain about mending fence or the yearly rebuilding along roaring river that takes place after the spring floods. I need only to look at the rock fence and think how easy we all have it.

The Unveiling

IMAG3282Wow!!  The old farm truck sure looks like a new farm truck! The boys at 3 G's, did an excellent job:)

Checking In

IMG_5016IMG_6594The work continues...With all the dents and rust fixed, now time for the re-spray.

Time To Play

IMAG2809 Looks like Max found time to play in the snow with a friend.

Small Improvements

468469Along the way we do little things around the farm to make our work easier. For instance installing these pumps I purchased to fuel up the farm equipment. I even hung a little sign to give it the full effect 🙂  Think the cattle notice the improvement's?  🙂

The journey continues

IMG_4511IMG_4510From the cow kicking in the side door and another using the door as leaning post, the old farm truck is starting to look good. The boys at 3G's have worked their magic on this 1994 farm truck, pulling out the dents and filling in years of mistreatment on the farm. I can not wait to see the finished product.

Farm Trucks Jounery Take 2

IMG_4504The boys at 3 G's in Joplin, Mo have their work cut out for them. She is going to be a new truck when they are done. IMG_4503

Got Spring Fed?

324 The water on our farm is from the clear, clean waters off Roaring River, all our ponds, creeks and rivers are fed off this natural resource.  Roaring River State Park is five miles from the farm and the source of the natural spring.